What Strategies is Kansas City Using to Support Local  Workforce Development?

The Citywide Business Plan's objective on workforce development is to support workforce development through increasing the number of local, minority, and women-owned business contracts by increasing awareness and response to City-issued RFQ/Ps through advertisements, Annual Capital Improvement Overview, and City-sponsored learning opportunities. 
The Human Relations Department (HRD) monitors, measures, and reports on the City's contracts with Minority / Women Business Enterprise (M/WBE), Small Local Business Enterprise Program (SLBE), construction workforce, prevailing wage, and Section 3 participation.

Workforce Development Goals

Stated goals for MBE and WBE annual participation in Construction, Professional Services, and Commodities are established through various disparity studies that have been undertaken by the City of KCMO and other partners, such as Jackson County, KCATA, and Kansas City Public Schools (KCPS).

Total Contracts Awarded

This summary of the percentage of total payments that the City of KCMO has awarded to M/WBE, MBE, WBE and SLBE between FY2010 and FY2016 is from the Human Relations Department's Annual Report FY2016.