What Strategies is Kansas City Using to Promote KC As a Place to Visit?

The Council Goal for Planning, Zoning, and Economic Development is: To develop a vital economy where there is opportunity for growth, particularly in historically underdeveloped areas; citizens have opportunities for creating wealth and prospering; and visitors consider Kansas City a desirable destination.

Below are the objectives from the current Citywide Business Plan that outline the specific strategies that the city is pursuing that promote tourism in Kansas City. These objectives provide insight into the departments that are involved and the actions that are being taken.

How Can We Measure Progress on Promoting KC As a Place to Visit?

There are many industry standard measures for tourist activity, including hotel room nights booked for future years for conventions, which is a forward-looking measure that anticipates future impacts, and the count of conventions held and number of people who attended. Likewise, the aviation industry looks at total volume of passengers boarding planes (enplanements) as well as the number of flights from a facility.

Measuring Convention Activity

In measuring convention events and attendance, the city focuses on "citywide" conventions, which are the largest conventions (based on number of attendees). This focus is because each of these conventions create a substantial economic impact, and therefore an increase (or decrease is noticeable). These conventions also account for the majority of convention visitors. For more information about the City's convention facilities and how they are utilized, visit: http://www.visitkc.com/convention-center/index.aspx.

Number of Citywide Conventions at Convention Center

Citywide conventions are defined as those conventions that require 1,000 or more hotel rooms on their peak night. (updated quarterly)

Convention Center Attendance from Citywide Conventions

Attendance at citywide conventions is by definition high, since these are defined as conventions that require 1,000 or more hotel rooms on their peak night. Increased attendance can be a result of more large conventions, or current conventions growing in attendance. (updated quarterly)

Convention Facilities Post-Event Survey

The City's Convention and Facilities Department, which manages the City's convention facilities, surveys event managers to gauge satisfaction with the city's infrastructure and services in this area. The department closely monitors these responses and provides follow-up action when low results are received. The trend for both the Sales and Marketing and Event Services Division has been steady since Fiscal Year 2009. (updated quarterly)

Aerial of Kansas City International (KCI) Airport

Interior of one of KCI's Terminals

Measuring Aviation Activity

Kansas City International Airport, located in Kansas City, North, serves the citizens of Kansas City, Missouri as well as the metropolitan area. The airport is run by the City's Aviation Department, which also oversees operations of the Charles B. Wheeler Downtown Airport. Activity at KCI can be measured by looking at passenger traffic (enplanements) and airline traffic (destinations). The City has also sought the opinions of both citizens and passengers in assessing airport operations. For more information on KCI's facilities, and to see the destinations that are available, visit www.flykci.com.


Enplanements are an industry standard measure for airports that count the number of passengers who get on a plane each day at KCI.

Seats per Departure

The number of seats on each plane leaving KCI has increased from about 100 to just over 126 in Fiscal Year 2016.

Passengers per Departure

The number of people on each plane leaving KCI has increased from about 72 to just over 100 in Fiscal Year 2016.

Passenger Load Factor 

The load factor is the percent of seats filled, controlled for the distance of travel.  It has generally increasd since 2007 and has remained steady around 80% since 2011. More on this metric method can be found here

Citizen Satisfaction with Airport Services

The annual citizen survey includes questions related to airport services. This survey helps represent the perception of residents of Kansas City, Missouri and reflects the opinions of people who have used the airport and those who have not. Click on the "Explore the data" link in the bottom right of the visualization to view an easier to read version of the image.
In 2015, 74% of Kansas Citians indicated that they had visited KCI for a flight or to drop off/pick up.

KCStat Schedule

All Council priorities, including those in the area of Economic Development, are discussed at KCStat Meetings, which are public meetings held at City Hall and moderated by the Mayor and City Manager. Anyone from the public may attend, or follow the discussion via Twitter (#kcstat). Videos of KCStat meetings and meeting documents are archived online and can be accessed at kcmo.gov/kcstat/. A list of past and future KCStat meetings for Economic Development is below.